• The Risky launches Drum&BassArena in Sheffield
  • Hospital Records launch
  • Urban Takeover launch
  • True Playaz launches
  • The End, established in 1995, makes Friday nights D&B nights. Renegade Hardware and RAM are two of the first nights to make it their own (1997 – Renegade, 1998 – RAM)
  • Renegade Hardware launches
  • Total Science smash the year to pieces with their Funky Technicians project and the launch of CIA Records
  • Metalheadz release the still spotless Platinum Breakz compilation album
  • RAM release their first album – Origin Unknown – Speed Of Sound AND do their first club tour across the UK and Europe


  • First live Drum&BassArena webcast with DJ SS and Warren G
  • Roni Size / Reprazent win Mercury award. They hit the UK charts three times with Share The Fall (37), Heroes (31) and Brown Paper Bag (20)
  • Dillinja and Lemon D launch Valve Recordings (the system would come four years later)
  • Bryan Gee launches Movement, weekly Thursday D&B session at Bar Rumba, London. Within 2/3 years Movement has a regular event in Sao Paulo (DJ Marky is resident), world tours and merch
  • Fabio launches Swerve, first at Velvet Rooms, then The End. This, with Movement every Thursday meant London had two seriously important weekly gatherings where industry would be present as much as music lovers. Rumour has it that Photek and his wife turned up in their wedding outfits having just got married...


  • First major Drum&BassArena event takes place at Sheffield University
  • Last ever Metalheadz Blue Note session
  • Stevie Hyper D sadly passes away
  • Mixmag release Micky Finn & Aphrodite Urban Takeover CD
  • Andy C, Shimon & Ant Miles form RAM Trilogy
  • Digital & Spirit launch Phantom Audio
  • Dillinja & Lemon D launch Test Recordings
  • Tracks by Source Direct and Photek appear in the movie Blade
  • Roni Size & Die form Breakbeat Era to critical acclaim – self titled track just scrapes the chart at 38, full album follows in 1999
  • Goldie collaborates with orchestras for the first time on Saturnz Return with hour-long, 30-piece track Mother. (And also with David Bowie on Truth)


  • Drum&BassArena wins 'Best Music Business Website' at Music Week Awards
  • Fabric opens, October 1999
  • John B launches Beta
  • Kemistry & Storm’s DJ Kicks mix lands... Three months before Kemistry sadly passes away
  • Sappo launches Advisory Records
  • Fabio & Grooverider start Radio 1 shows (continue until 2012)
  • GQ launches Emcee Recordings
  • Drumsound & Bassline Smith form and launch Technique with their debut collaborative release Future Tech
  • Friction’s first ever mix CD – Dangerous Drums (a Stakka & Skynet off-shoot label
  • Fokuz launches
  • Black Sun Empire start up - the Dutch D&B phenomenon starts here


  • Drum&BassArena offered £5M to sell site at the height of the dotcom boom - The Risky declines the offer
  • TeeBee launches Subtitles Music
  • Dylan & Loxy launch Cylon Records
  • Zinc starts Bingo Beats a label that would accurately forecast the multi-genre spirit 10 years later with garage, house, grime and plenty of D&B. Chase & Status and Sigma both had very early debuts on this label (in 2003 and 2006 respectively)
  • Bukem releases his debut album 10 years after his first release
  • Fabio’s Creative Source release Liquid Funk Volume 1 – although around for several years as jazzy / deep D&B, this is the first proper use of the term and really marks the start of liquid’s golden age that runs until around the mid/late 2000s


  • First Drum&BassArena album mixed by Andy C with exclusive tracks compiled by The Risky
  • Marcus Intalex launches Soul:r
  • Dogs On Acid is founded
  • Klute launches Commercial Suicide
  • Hazard launches Radius
  • Concord Dawn launch Uprising Records... Its second release is the first release by Pendulum
  • BBC Radio 1Xtra launches, Bailey and Flight repping the D&B
  • GTA III launches with an all D&B radio station featuring DJ Timecode and MC Codebreaker
  • Dillinja & Lemon D make the Valve Soundsystem debut at Fabric
  • Ant TC1 launches Dispatch
  • Andy C & Shimon hit 28 in UK charts with Body Rock – the highest an instrumental D&B tune had been in the charts at that time


  • D&BTV launches
  • Drum&BassArena hosts 5000 capacity tent at Gatecrasher Summer Soundsystem Festival
  • Kasra launches Critical
  • Fierce launches Quarantine with the MASSIVE Fierce & Fresh – Innocence
  • Seba launches Secret Operations
  • RAM launch Frequency
  • Adam F launches KAOS, Fresh launches Breakbeat Punk – the labels merge a year later
  • Hype mixes the first D&B Fabriclive CD (Fabriclive 3)
  • Total Science launch Advance//d label as sublabel to C.I.A
  • Friction launches Transparent Recordings (precursor to Shogun featuring Black Sun Empire, Raiden, Gridlok – ran until 2005)


  • Drum&BassArena wins 'Best Website' at Knowledge Awards, and 'Best Website' as well as 'Best Web Forum' at Accelerated Culture Awards
  • Calibre launches Signature
  • DJ Fresh & Adam F launch Breakbeat Kaos
  • dBridge launches Exit
  • Little known act Pendulum make their debut - deliver a studio mix for Drum&BassArena
  • Futurebound launches Viper
  • Marky launches Innerground
  • First ever Let It Roll club event
  • Bristol’s legendary label Intrigue launches
  • Krust & Die form the funky I Kamanchi project that culminates with a full album
  • Andy C delivers first Nightlife mix
  • Ali G uses Twist ‘Em Out as TV show theme
  • Heist and Benny Page launch Co-Lab Recordings


  • TV-advertised Drum&BassArena compilation enters chart at #3 and goes on to sell 90,000 copies
  • Drum&BassArena opens record shop in Sheffield
  • Friction launches Shogun Audio
  • Big year for international D&B-only events... Both Innovation In The Sun and Sun And Bass launch this year
  • Andy C releases Nightlife 2
  • Annie Mac starts hosting on Radio 1 – key moment for D&B’s exposure
  • Tech Itch & Dylan launch Tech Freak Recordings – very strong until it closes in 2009 with releases from the likes of Limewax, Current Value, Audio
  • Marky & XRS release debut album On Rotation
  • Slammin Vinyl launch Westfest
  • HTID launch Random Concept


  • Drum&BassArena moves to London - establishes residency at Ministry of Sound
  • BCee launches Spearhead
  • Noisia launch Vision
  • Chase & Status appear on Renegade Hardware with the 10 Tonne EP
  • Horizons launches
  • Shy FX launches Digital Soundboy
  • Logan D launches Low Down Deep
  • Dom & Roland launches Dom & Roland Productions
  • Bingo Beats have their most prolific year with major releases from Zinc, DBridge, Krust & Zinc, Chase & Status, DKay and loads more
  • DJ Hazard starts up his Dirty Harry alias
  • Ministry Of Sound start hosting regular D&B weeklies every Friday with their new Switch event
  • 1Xtra host Xtra Bass week with live events across the country all dedicated to D&B


  • Drum&BassArena podcast reaches #1 in iTunes Podcast charts as it celebrates a decade of drum & bass
  • Break launches Symmetry Records
  • Friction launches SGN:LTD
  • Med School launches. Releases from the likes of S.P.Y, Fracture & Neptune, Icicle, Craggz
  • Chris Renegade launches Lifted
  • Hype launches Ganja-Tek
  • Heist launches Calypso Muzak
  • Fatman D launches Biological Beats
  • Total Science launch C.I.A Deep Kut – first release is Calibre
  • Horizons launch sub-label Progress in a bid to speed up the dubplate/release process
  • Sets start to get longer - Andy C, Zinc, DJ Marky & Roni Size do a six date tour called Fourfront where they all play 2 hour sets


  • Drum&BassArena launches download store
  • Shimon launches AudioPorn
  • Artificial Intelligence launch Integral – early releases come from Survival, Heist, Zero T, Lomax, Lenzman, Random Movement
  • Fokuz launch Celsius
  • Samurai Music launches
  • Maldini & Vegas launch Bad Taste
  • Phace & Misanthrop form their longstanding alliance
  • Peer Pressure launches - debut/early releases from Sinistarr, Hyroglifics, dRamatic & dbAudio
  • DSM (deep soul music) launches and runs for several years. Home to early releases from LSB, Eveson and Spectrasoul
  • Jaydan launches Smokin’ Riddims


  • D&BTV launches weekly episodes
  • End of an era for Moving Shadow
  • End of an era for Zinc’s D&B
  • Liquicity launches
  • Austrian label Mainframe Recordings launches
  • Andy C releases Nightlife 4
  • Pendulum unleash In Silico. Their live technology sets the blueprint for live acts to follow
  • First ever Outlook festival
  • US label NEXGEN launches
  • Fabriclive 40: Noisia
  • Essential mixes: TC, London Elektricity
  • Artists to make production debut: Dirtyphonics, Maztek, Dabs, Billain, Bop, Naibu, Sensa (Matt from Hybrid Minds) Levela, Safire, Soul Intent, Mindmapper, Technicolour, Komatic


  • First Drum&BassArena Awards at Ministry of Sound
  • The End closes
  • Matter opens
  • YouTube revolution starts here: UKF, Skankandbass and Inspector Dubplate all launch this year
  • Full Cycle closes
  • Chase & Status launch MTA Records
  • Bryan Gee relaunches Philly Blunt
  • Sigma launch Life Recordings
  • Audio signs to Virus and proceeds to lay down three massive albums
  • Ingredients launches. Originally came with a recipe with every release & played a crucial role in the careers of Dub Phizix, Jubei, Skeptical, DBR UK, Villem, Krakota and more
  • Fracture & Neptune launch Astrophonica


  • D&BTV hits a century. Episode #100 features Ed Rush & Optical, Bryan G, RuffStuff, Dom & Roland, Klute, S.P.Y, Alix Perez and A.M.C
  • Andy C unleashes Nightlife 5
  • Basher launches Proximity
  • Original Sin launch Image Muzik
  • BTK launches Dutty Audio
  • Critical launch Modulations sublabel
  • Big year for Autonomic (dBridge &Instra:mental's label) as the label launches and Fabriclive 50 lands right at the start of the year
  • Dexta launches Diffrent
  • Artificial Intelligence release Stand Alone, all made on analogue
  • Neurofunkgrid launches


  • Drum&BassArena celebrates 15 years with Drum&BassArena 15 Years album
  • Drum&BassArena hosts official SW4 after party w/ Andy C, Sub Focus, Friction, Loadstar, S.P.Y, Futurebound & Alix Perez b2b Rockwell
  • Om Unit launches Cosmic Bridge
  • Prolix launches Trendkill
  • Jade launches Eatbrain
  • A.M.C launches Titan Records
  • Flexout Audio launches – early releases come from Ed:It and Zombie Cats’ Rregular
  • Chase & Status hit the top 10 (5) with Blind Faith and Time (21)
  • Demand Records launches
  • Soul Deep launches in the US
  • DJ Fresh releases Future Jungle on Ram AND hits number one with Louder


  • D&BTV hits 200 episodes, hosts 24hr show featuring over 30 DJs including Alix Perez b2b Icicle, Kasra & Foreign Concept, Moving Fusion & Shimon and more
  • DJ Fresh - Hot Right Now is the first D&B number one, but he's not the only one - Rudimental hit also hit the top spot with Feel The Love
  • Technicolour & Komatic become Technimatic
  • Cyantific & Wilkinson launch CYN Music. Two year run, breaking artists such as Dimension, Dub Motion and Karma
  • Faded launches Faded Music
  • London event crew Rupture launch label. Releases from Digital, Rumbleton, Double O and more
  • Blocks & Escher launch Narratives Music


  • Black Sun Empire conglomerate their labels to create Blackout – a hub for everything they do
  • Stray, Sabre & Halogenix become Ivy Lab
  • Prototypes switch from Shogun to Viper
  • Rudimental hit number one in the charts with Waiting All Night
  • Wilkinson smashes the hit parade with Afterglow (8), Chase & Status hit the charts three times with Lost & Not Found (9) Count On Me (5) and Alive (21), Matrix & Futurebound hit 24 with Magnetic Eyes, and Sub Focus three times: Endorphins (10) / Turn It Around (14) / Turn Back Time (10)
  • Calibre smashes the year even more than usual with 3 albums... Spill, Fabriclive 68, Shelflife 3
  • Andy C releases first tunes since Finders Keepers (2006) and also Nightlife 6


  • Drum&BassArena celebrate 18 years with Drum&BassArena 18 Years album and event at Ministry of Sound
  • Goldie & the Heritage Orchestra perform Timeless at Royal Festival Hall
  • Andy C launches his All Night concept
  • D&B chart success hits a new level with Sigma reaching number one in April and Sept with Nobody To Love and Changing, as well as Wilkinson hitting 25 with Halflight and 20 with Dirty Love (Too Close gets a close 55 too), and Matrix & Futurebound hit 7 in the charts with Control and 38 later in the year with Don’t Look Back
  • Survival & Script launch their SCAR project
  • Crissy Criss’ last Radio 1 show
  • SS celebrates 25 years of Formation Records


  • Drum&BassArena celebrates 19 years with event at Heaven, London
  • A big year for D&B on the global stage with Goldie knighted with an MBE
  • Sigma bust the charts yet again with Glitterball (August, number 4) and Higher (April, 12). They appear on the main stage of Glastonbury with Paloma Faith and climax the year on Top Of The Pops
  • Bad Company reunion rumours start to fire around
  • Diane Charlemagne sadly passes away
  • Mysterious act Dawn Wall emerge. One of the best kept secrets in D&B with their identity still unknown
  • Xtrah launches his Cyberfunk label
  • Rockwell FINALLY releases debut album on Shogun Audio


  • Islington Council tragically revokes fabric's license and announces the club will be closing
  • RAM and BMG announce a partnership with strategic investment
  • Noisia release Outer Edges album 6 years after Split the Atom - album gets leaked online forcing the trio to release it early
  • Richie Brains alias revealed as Alix Perez, Chimpo, Fixate, Fracture, Om Unit, Sam Binga and Stray
  • SpectraSoul launch Ish Chat Music
  • Lenzman launches The North Quarter
  • Alix Perez launches 1985 Music
  • Hybrid Minds launch Hybrid Music
  • The Prototypes leave Viper and set up Get Hype Records
  • Hospital Records launch their own 8-stage festival - Hospitality in the Park - in London and sell out a month before the event
  • Bad Company announce reunion

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